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As a sales employee at Schweizerpunkt, you will have a varied everyday work life. You are the foundation of our company and support us in expanding our sales structure and in winning new customers. The target group for the Swisspoint's professional web products are business customers from the area of small and medium-sized companies. You do not need to bring specialist knowledge from the areas of IT / web design to the sales department at Schweizerpunkt. Because in a comprehensive training you will learn everything essential for your work about the products / services and the sales concept of Schweizerpunkt.

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At Schweizerpunkt you can expect an exciting mix of office and field work in sales. Your work week is clearly structured. During your office hours, you work on evaluating the existing appointments of companies and, if necessary, arrange further personal consultation appointments directly on site. You can present the products and services of Schweizerpunkt to interested companies within reach of your home.

As a sales employee, you are part of a team. As part of the office days, you have the opportunity to discuss your daily work intensively with your colleagues. This way, not only you, but also your colleagues benefit from the experience gained.

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