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Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) describes the entrepreneurial task of planning and controlling resources such as capital, personnel, operating resources, materials and information and communication technology in good time and in line with the company's purpose. An efficient operational value creation process and a constantly optimized control of the entrepreneurial and operational processes are to be guaranteed.

Web Design

In order to convincingly adapt the individual web design and the visuality, we keep useful approaches of your company philosophy. We implement these with advanced web technologies to successfully connect you with your target group. We offer strategy and information architecture, visual design and animation that are developed in-house to create a dynamic website focused on meeting your needs and expectations of users of this website. With the help of our UCP (User Centric Process) and the "up to date" technologies, we offer you the possibility of a dramatic increase in the number of returning visitors.

Content Management System - CMS

The timeliness of your website not only plays a crucial role for search engines like Google, but your customers also expect a dynamic website that reflects the potential of your company. With the Content Management System (CMS), you can maintain and update your website - no matter where in the world you are. Make changes at any time and inform your (potential) customers about offers, events or news from your company. The CMS is designed so user-friendly that you can even insert pictures very easily. Use the possibilities that the content management system opens up for you. Your advantage: Are you planning a limited time campaign in your company or do you want to announce the sale of a new product? Then use the CMS to inform your customers in good time. With the content management system, this is child's play and possible within a few minutes.

Web Counter / Analytics

The term "counter" is also used in German as Anglicism instead of a ticket office or reception desk, but it means the visitor counter of a website. With a counter you can find out how often your website has been accessed. Our counter is also combined with an analysis tool which, for example, provides data about where the visitor is accessing, which products / services are of most interest to him and how long he is staying there. This enables you to define your marketing measures specifically for the region and target group.


Do you have new items in the range again or would you like to offer your customers new offers? Do you also want to get your service outside quickly and inexpensively? Then the newsletter service is a time-saving and cost-effective way to win new customers and retain regular customers even closer to your company.

Online Shop

Discover new sales channels through e-commerce and reach prospective customers and potential customers who have so far remained undiscovered. The online shop also offers your customers accessibility outside of the official opening hours, and offers not only a regional but also a global presence to sell their products.

Responsive Design

More and more Internet users are accessing the Internet from their cell phones or smartphones. According to statistics, there are already 70% of users. This enables potential customers to search for products and services in their area on the go. On the other hand, since the mobile devices only have small screens and it is difficult to access and operate websites that are optimized for normal computers, a mobile site is perfectly adapted to mobile phones and smartphones. Our mobile website gives you the information you need on the go quickly and clearly on your mobile device.

Social Media

In Switzerland alone, Facebook has over 2.7 million users, update May 31, 2013 and the trend is rising. At the same time, 141 additional users logged in to Facebook every hour in Switzerland. With a professional company Facebook Fanpage you open up new possibilities for your company to communicate with your existing customers and to win new customers rapidly. Inform your customers about new products, announce events or offer your customers a community, because you can do an excellent recommendation marketing via Facebook. Social media such as Facebook represent the modern online form of word-of-mouth advertising. With Facebook you will also draw the attention of potential customers outside your circle of customers to your company and your products.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Nowadays, consumers use the Internet to search for products or services. A company that is not present on Google cannot be found by Internet users with search terms. So that potential customers can find your company using search terms, we create a search engine optimization that runs parallel to your products and content on your website. We create the optimal prerequisites for good visibility and findability on Google, right from the design and implementation of your website. Our search engine experts optimize the content of your website to the keywords relevant to your company and adapt the structure of the texts accordingly, so that optimal readability is guaranteed by search engines.

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